GAMEKM War Beast (Esports Gaming PC case)


Model: YD-WJZS
Form Factor: ATX / Micro-ATX
Color: Black
Cooling Front: 120MM*2
Cooling Rear: 120MM*2
PCI Slot: 7 slots
Hard Drive: HDD*1, SSD*1
Thickness: 1.2mm
Air Cooling Top: 120MM*2(support 240 water-cooling)
Packing Size: 725*635*285MM

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* 240mm Water Cooling Full Tower Desktop Cool Custom USB3.0 RGB gaming computer cases & Towers * Support for four 120mm fans and two 240mm radiators (front and top) join the case’s open design to guarantee perfect cooling. * Two tempered glass panels provide the perfect finish to Essence’s metal body. The high-quality feel of the glass joins its transparency to give you an unobstructed view of your case at all times. * ATX Type, widely compatible with Micro-ATX/ ITX motherboard * ATX Power Supply, support other turn-on mode * USB3.0*1 Interface, faster & safer * Support DIY, with HDD*1 & SSD*1

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Weight10 kg
Dimensions72 × 20 × 76 cm


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